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Tair Smailov


These are ones of my most loved photographies


This is my first ever mobile game created using Unity Engine.

I have watched a lot of tutorials to create this game. 

Used third party's' game assets in this game, you can check all of them in credits. 

This is an arcade game where you need to control traffic and avoid collisions by taping vehicles and therefore giving them acceleration. 

Look at vehicle's turning signal and see where it is moving.

If it is expected to crush with other vehicle tap on it to give acceleration and avoid collision.

For each vehicle successfully passed crossroad you will earn coins. For coins you can buy SlowTime effect, that will slow the speed of all vehicles for 3 seconds. 

Also for coins you can buy new locations, or buy it with your credit card. 

This game is free-to-play but it contains some ads, they will appear after several loses. But you can buy ads-free upgrade for lifetime. 

Hope you will enjoy this game. Any purchases and donativos Will help me to improve my skills and create more advanced games for you.

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